our range

All our products are made fresh everyday.  Our dedicated team of craft bakers work day and night to produce our vast range using locally sourced ingredients wherever possible and traditional recipes to achieve that home baked flavour.


Our bread is baked daily at our East Horsley Bakery. Our craft bakers produce an amazing variety of breads, including the ever popular white sandwich, Granary, Honey & Spelt, Corn, Tiger and Mediterranean breads.  We take care to use the finest ingredients.

Savoury Treats

Our pasties, pies and sausage rolls are made using top quality ingredients and freshly baked every day in our own bakery, ensuring maximum freshness and flavour. 

Sweet Treats

All our cakes and treats are made in our own bakery using the finest ingredients and hand baked using traditional recipes. Our range includes mini loaf cakes, shortbread, gingerbread men,  flapjacks, Bakewell tarts and our famous Smiley Face doughnuts.